Contributions for charity

Dear friends, colleagues, partners and all concerned citizens!

Since the beginning of the war, Bartolomeo Best River Resort has been active in volunteering and helping refugees, the Armed Forces, the Territorial Defense and anyone in need.

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migrants were accepted
19 640+
portions of food prepared
2,5 tons
clothes provided
10+ interview
provided to journalists
and TV channels
40+ companies
attracted for help
15+ establishments
helped household and grocery

So, for three and a half weeks, we provided shelter to more than 9,500 IDPs, provided them with two meals a day and everything they needed.

In addition, we purchased 7 cars for the needs of territorial defense, help maternity hospitals and hospitals, etc.

Our resources are not limitless.
That's why we appeal to everyone who has the opportunity to support us and help financially!

You can send us funds by simply clicking the button and filling in all the necessary information:

We will provide reports on where the money was spent and how it benefited!

Thank you in advance and we believe that victory is near!
Glory to Ukraine!

You can see more about our help in news stories, photos and video reports!

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